Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never exhibited before, what do I need to do?
All you have to do is decide what art you wish to exhibit, and make sure you can hang it i.e have a hook on the reverse (if it needs to be hung) on our boards. We provide display boards and hanging wires and hooks.

  • Provide us with all the required information outlined in this pack, so we can promote you!

  • Fill in the Tyndale Arts week labels (found here) to display next to your art

  • Print out a short Biography for display next to your art

  • Be available to hang your own work Friday 2nd October AM

  • We will assign each artist to a venue. (Artists will be rotated between venues each year) We will send you the contact details of the other artists exhibiting with you so that you can meet up to arrange timings for hanging between you.


Do I really need to steward?

Yes! It is mandatory for you to steward, if you are for some very important reason, not available during the first weekend of October, please find someone to steward on your behalf whether it is a friend, family member or another artist who has kindly agreed to look after your work. In light of COVID-19, a different policy will be implemented, stay tuned for further details.

If any art is found to be un-stewarded for the duration of the weekend, we reserve the right to take said artwork down from the exhibition. For more information click here


Does all work need to be framed

It's up to you, whatever you think looks best!


Can I sell prints? Does all work need to be originals?

You can sell prints and/or originals, it's up to you! Just make sure your art is complete!


Can I sell cards?



What do I price my work at?

We have cards priced from 50p up to works worth hundreds. So it's entirely up to you, just

keep it affordable or people won't buy anything!


How many pieces of work do I need?

It depends on the size of pieces that you have! (please see Setting Up p.13 for more information on space available). Just don't overcrowd otherwise it looks messy and it's more difficult for people to appreciate)

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